AI – The future of creativity

Inspiring workshop on Canva

Anyone who thinks creativity and artificial intelligence can’t go together is in for a big surprise! At least if Erika Diskancova has her way. As part of our ‘AI easily explained’ workshop series, the Canva expert gave us an exclusive insight into the world of the cutting-edge graphic design platform. Erika Diskancova is convinced that ‘Visual communication has become the status quo and AI is becoming a key part of this journey’.

From the initial idea to scaling up, Canva has a suitable tool for every use case. For Erika Diskancova, there is no doubt that the AI-supported platform cannot replace people in any way, but it is certainly able to support them and boost their creativity and productivity. Having routine tasks done by Canva leaves more time for impactful work and strategic development.

Canva has a clear mission: to make design more accessible by combining all functions in a single platform. Especially at a time when the abundance of new AI tools can sometimes be overwhelming, this is a welcome alternative.

Whether it’s generating images, designing presentations or optimising texts, Canva’s Magic Studio covers all the needs of the creative industry and is easy to use. If you’re curious now, why not start familiarising yourself with the platform and its sheer endless possibilities right away?

If you’re still hungry for more AI and have a passion for technology, you should definitely check out our free workshop ‚Python for Datascience‘.