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Python Basics for Technical Applications

Feber 28 - März 1

This is an introductory course on Python and its use for technical applications (data analysis, modelling, programming) targeting engineers and researchers. The course content is aimed at beginners who have done some programming before, possibly in another language, but also at medium advanced levels that benefit from reviews and background information that is often overlooked.

The course is a mixture of theory and direct practical participation. We advocate VS Code as editor and Miniconda as clean distribution and will show during the course how to install and use them. The total course takes ~ 9 hours and is blocked over 3 days.

Day 1:
1. Introduction (20 min)
2. Soft- and Hardware Fundamentals (25 min)
3. Setting up a Working Environment (45 min)
4. Vanilla Python (45 min)

Day 2:
1. Modules, Packages and Virtual Environments (45 min)
2. Coding Help (20 min)
3. Scientific Programming in Python (60 min)

Day 3:
1. Object Oriented Programming (30 min)
2. Version Control (30 min)
3. Magnetic Field Computation with Magpylib (60 min)

Course Funding:
The course was developed at Silicon Austria Labs within the DIGITAL Europe Program as part of the “Applied CPS” European Digital Innovation Hub and is offered freely to SMEs.


You will receive a link for participation before the course starts.


Feber 28
März 1


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