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SunPeek Open-Source Software for Monitoring of Large-Scale Solar Thermal Plants

Feber 28@2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

This workshop is part of the workshop series “Digitalization of Solar Thermal Plants”.

Scope and aim: The workshop focuses on solar thermal plant monitoring using the open-source software SunPeek. This software is designed for performance monitoring and guarantee procedures of large-scale solar thermal plants and contains the first open-source implementation of the performance check for the power output according to ISO 24194:2022 (Thermal Power Check).

The aim of the workshop is to give an introduction to the software for new users, offer additional in-depth training and a Q&A session for experienced users and provide an overview over recent developments on digital tools and methods in the field. A prior installation of the software is not required.

Target group: Operators of large-scale solar thermal plants and associated compagnies and stakeholders (monitoring software providers, collector manufacturers, plant designers and installers, funding agencies, etc.).


  • Demonstration of SunPeek open-source software (https://demo.sunpeek.org/)
  • Presentation of methods and digital tools for solar thermal plant monitoring
  • In-depth training for experienced SunPeek users, covering plant-specific challenges and adaptions of the software
  • Q&A session and exchange on recent developments

Language: English

Workshop Funding:
The workshop series was developed by AEE INTEC within the DIGITAL Europe Program as part of the “Applied CPS” European Digital Innovation Hub and is offered to entreprises up to 3.000 employees at no cost.


Feber 28
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm




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