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The interactive introduction to Julia

April 18@3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

A new promising programming language which is free, fast and easy to use is on the rise: Julia.

Join this online workshop to learn more about scientific computing with Julia, interactive prototyping with Pluto notebooks, and a sneak preview into the whole Julian ecosystem.

The workshop will be organized as a live demo supported with PowerPoint slides, that give a red line throughout the course and contains more information and topics to deep dive into after the workshop. To adopt to your needs and interests, the workshop will start with an introduction round collecting your backgrounds and expectations.

The agenda will be the following:

  • Introduction to scientific computing with Julia
  • Live Coding within Pluto 🎈notebooks:
    • from data to plots
    • from package management to deployment
    • Data structures and types
    • Working with VSCode, Pluto or the REPL
    • How to find help?
  • The Julian ecosystem: an overview

Bonus features (which can be discussed during the workshop):

  • direct work on the GPU (+ AI applications)
  • parallel computing (multithreading) out of the box
  • integration of or within Python

The workshop ist organized by Gerhard Dorn from Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH and will act as a preview to this follow-up event: interactive Julia Training (3 days) – stay tuned! 😉

This workshop is part of the EDIH Applied CPS funded by the European Commission, the FFG and the Federal Ministry of Labour and Economy.


April 18
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

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